Trade pricing,
passed on to you

Get the renovation of your dreams at a price you can afford.

We know how expensive everything has become over the last several years and we’ve developed Scope-Estimator to make renovation projects attainable for the average homeowner with fair processes and reasonable pricing.

Robust purchasing accounts

One of the biggest ways we benefit our clients is with direct access to our many trade purchasing accounts. From products to services, from flooring to the general contractor who installs it, Scope-Estimator’s accounts reach far and wide, reflecting years of hard work and commitment to create a skilled and resourceful network we can depend on. And now, so can you.

The savings

Each account offers highly special trade rates. Particularly when it comes to the raw materials you need on any given project, it is not uncommon for Scope-Estimator to save you as much as 55% on your total project material costs.

Certified experts

If there’s one place you don’t want to receive discounted rates, it’s on general contracting and trades labour. This is because discounted labour often indicates a lack of skill and experience that can lead to problematic outcomes. Scope-Estimator provides you with a list of industry-certified workers who have proven track records and extensive portfolios. When you use one of our approved companies, we negotiate on your behalf as part of our service to ensure a fair price for the best work possible.

Ready to get the job done at an attractive price?