Home Inspection Report Software

Eliminate the question marks and uncertainties of any home project.

What to expect

When you work with Scope-Estimator, we use a specialized and sophisticated software to provide you with a highly detailed scope of work. This includes:


Complete sketches of the room(s)


Itemized points, elements and particulars


Window and door specifications


Ceiling, floor, electrical and plumbing details


Specific measurements

Empowering homeowners

The thorough scope of work we give you is fully quantified with floor plans and line-item details. The end result gives you the power to see what is included in your plan right down to the inch. What this does is it holds your tradespeople accountable to what is included in the original plan and budget, leaving no chance for unexpected timeline delays, or additional and unforeseen costs.

End-to-end solution

Our service doesn’t end with the outlined scope of work. For homeowners who want to work with us from start to finish, we pass along our access to trade purchasing accounts for lower material pricing, refer you to our extensive network of trades professionals who always get the job done right, and can also provide project management services from A to Z for a completely hands-off experience.

Helping you find the best materials, negotiate trade costs and manage your project, our team caters to your needs and ensures that you complete your home renovation properly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Let’s talk about exactly how we can help you on your upcoming project.