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This is a service that will alter the way you think about and perform home renovations.

When you work with Scope-Estimator, you have sketches, drawings, inclusions, exclusions, measurements and line-item details for all the relevant areas of your home. And this is precisely what puts you in a controlled management position for your project.

Controlling scope of work

From ceiling heights, to wall length and width dimensions, to eliminating door and window openings, there is nothing our software doesn’t account for. This gives you the ability to regain control over the scope of work, eliminating any chance of scope inflating, over scoping and raising costs after the project is underway.

No debates

Because we provide you with line-item details, this eliminates the possibility of confusion or ambiguity in the sketches because everything can be cross-referenced and double-checked. When it comes to the work, there are no debates over what’s included and what isn’t included because every aspect of the space has been drawn and listed for you.


The system we use automatically calculates fair industry costing on all the aspects of your project. This costing is based on a number of factors (most of which consumers never hear about) derived from Blue Book, an industry-wide guideline for labour components, labour burdens, material cost breakdowns and regional variances by postal code. With automatic updates every month, our software is always current and designed to capture the continual increases and decreases in labour and materials across the industry. The end result is the quantification and control of costs and inflation.

Industry costing

Our software has a built-in wizard that captures and calculates items such as drop and roll broadloom, sheet goods and tiles in a quantified waste factor. This is an extra step to ensure you are never subject to cost overruns or extra charges.

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