Setting it

We are a group of seasoned experts here to shake up the industry and put homeowners back in the control seat.

Who we are

At Scope-Estimator, we are a team of accredited professionals with over 30 years of experience. From small jobs to large-scale home renovations and in-fill builds, from specialized craftsmanship to run-of-the-mill builder grade work, we’ve been on the job long enough to see how the renovations industry has changed – and it’s not for the better. Now we’ve pooled together our passions, expertise and drive for change to create Scope-Estimator, the solution that empowers homeowners to manage their own projects with restored confidence.

Where we come from

Before we began performing renovations, we put in the time to earn an education and prove ourselves on the job. We built up strong track records as the kind of tradespeople who started their apprenticeships right out of school, learning from well-known, industry-dominating companies that taught us the detailed processes behind the construction of truly custom homes from the ground up.

We’ve been site supervisors, quality assurance controllers, tradespeople, contractors, entrepreneurs and business owners. For decades we’ve immersed ourselves in home renovations, bespoke construction, in-fill building and custom homes. Now, after many years in the industry, we’ve begun to see a sharp decline in the number of reliable and skilled tradespeople available.

Why we’re here

In this very fast-growing industry, there’s been a massive increase in home renovations and new home building. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the trades that service these projects. We have a quickly declining workforce with a huge learning curve. With the introduction of new tradespeople into the industry and the overall demand for services, there is a lot less training, governance and mentorship taking place. It is often a struggle to find good quality workmanship.

Homeowners are being taken advantage of because they don’t know any better, while the trades are less qualified to do the work. Amidst huge demand, tradespeople are charging high rates, only to further tack on additional costs as the project progresses as a result of missed scope details. This results in unexpected additional costs and over-budget projects.

We’re here to change that.

How Scope-Estimator came to be

Onsite at a large home renovation 15 years ago, we were approached by a client to assist his insurance company in estimating and appraising property insurance claims losses. It was here where we learned how to refine our skills in capturing and creating a robust and complete line-item scope of work. This was further quantified by creating a sketch of the home and identifying loss parameters and open wall details.

Since then, we’ve discovered that 90% of contractors do not use this process or anything like it. And yet it is this process that eliminates guesswork, avoids discrepancy in scope and completely removes any chance of tradespeople adding extra costs after the project is in motion.

We launched Scope-Estimator to bring precision and fairness back to the renovations industry.